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Colchester Borough Council's proposed Statement of Community Involvement 2018

Detailed information about the consultation on the Statement of Community Involvement


  • Changes to the Colchester Statement of Community Involvement
  • How to access the consultation version of the document
  • How to make a representation
  • Postal address if you don not have access to a computer

The Council is carrying out a consultation on the Statement of Community Involvement, which will officially run from 9am on the 28th of March through to 5pm on the 9th of May 2018.

Changes to the Colchester SCI as a result of the forthcoming national requirements include the following: 

  • A new chapter with specific regard to Neighbourhood Planning;
  • A concise explanation of Neighbourhood Planning; 
  • An explanation of the consultation process in relation to Neighbourhood Plans (including table of time frames);
  • Support and guidance that will be provided by the Council.

The requirement to update the Colchester SCI has also been taken as an opportunity to ensure that the information in relation to community involvement for the development management process is accurate. Minor amendments have been made to text to ensure the document accurately reflects the current procedures.

While incorporating the required changes to the document by including further guidance on neighbourhood planning the opportunity has been taken to restructure the document to make it clear and concise. The document has also been reformatted to reflect the document style of other Local Plan documents.

The consultation version of the document is available to view through the Jdi portal via the link below:


The document is also available to view in Colchester Town Library and on request from the Council offices.

To download a PDF version of the document please see the following link:


All representations should be made using the online Jdi portal, or by emailing local.plan@colchester.gov.uk with the reference to the SCI consultation in the header of the email.

If you, or someone you know, do not have access to a computer, consultation responses can be posted to:

Spatial Policy
Colchester Borough Council


If you have any queries about the Issues and Options consultation, or the Local Plan process, please contact the Planning Policy team on 01206 508639

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